Dergatcheff S.A. has been active in the fields of corporate finance advisory, wealth management advisory, and real estate acquisition and development fields since 2002.

Our aim is to serve our clients in an innovative, yet, well structured and professional way in full compliance with their core values and needs. You will find below a series of real assignment cases we have carried out, demonstrating how we brought about solution driven decisions in the successful completion of our clients' projects. We believe the best way to showcase our work is to let it speak for itself!

Whether you are a company or a private individual, we are here to assist you in developing successful projects.

Creation of a real estate portfolio across Europe

N&T are a couple of extremely busy executives of major US corporations at CEO and MD level. They are based in Europe and both travel intensively from the USA to Asia. They wished to buy real estate properties to both diversify their current financial assets, and set up a family home for the future. They also wished to take advantage of favorable financial leverage while interest rates were at a historical low.

Since 2008, Dergatcheff S.A has built for and with them an international real estate portfolio with properties in the UK, France, Spain and Switzerland.

For each property, Dergatcheff S.A. assessed the financial situation and N&T's long term goals. Together they defined a strategy tailored to their financial expectations and their personal tastes, real estate always involving an emotional input in addition to the prospect of financial return. Read more

Advisory of the CEO and founder of a new financial company based in London with a focus on emerging markets

AVMT is a London based consulting and capital services firm serving wealthy European family offices and international firms. It was founded in 2004 when Alexis turned entrepreneur after a lengthy and successful management career in Business, Finance, Law and Diplomacy.

Dergatcheff S.A. has counseled him since the onset and over the years significantly contributed to:
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Dergatcheff S.A. advised the main shareholder of XYZ, a major Russian holding company owning assets in diverse sectors such as one of the leaders in steel trading company, one of the most successful retail companies of the last decade and successfully expanding in the regions, a bank and various real estate companies.
The initial challenge was to overcome the lack of overall internal visibility among the scattered business lines that had been locally set up and had developed at varying paces at times of evolving economic and regulatory environment

Dergatcheff S.A.'s invaluable advice led to:
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Acquisition and development of business assets in EU

Mikhail is a partner and an advisor to top 10 Russian businessmen. Having graduated from one of the top US business school, Mikhail had already high level experience and network, not only in CIS region, but also abroad. When he decided to acquire and expand his personal business in Western Europe, Mikhail turned to us for advice.

Mikhail had already acquired a factory in Western Europe, but had to face unexpected challenges. He had a clear and original vision, as many Russian businessmen who aren't afraid to step into new territories and new fields of activity. He understood perfectly that many things were about to change in the European energy industry and he intended to become a pioneer in the development of green energy.
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Family relocation in Europe and Switzerland, comprehensive services

Dergatcheff's chief purpose as a financial advisory company is to help our clients to be more profitable. But our work, at times, goes far beyond!

Vladimir, a successful businessman operating in Russia, and his wife Anastasia wished for their family to avoid long Russian winters and for their 3 children to be brought up in a francophone country. He was ready to run his business by commuting to and from his home country.

They turned to Dergatcheff S.A., early July for relocation to be effective by September, in time for their children to start school.

The challenge in a very short timeframe was to determine the target location, identify rental properties meeting the clients' requirements, negotiate a rental contract, secure residency permit for a non EU family and ensure the children's school enrolment.
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Advising the CEO of a young bank in a fast growing economy of the CIS region towards national and international development

BBB Bank was founded in 2007 by shareholders with a clearly defined long term vision, with a European orientation and strict reliability and transparency operating criteria in a country with lasting remains of soviet procedures.

Dergatcheff S.A.'s prior work with the CEO on other matters had allowed them to build mutual trust and understanding so he was asked to join the project at an early stage. Two challenges were to be taken up:

• Develop on the national market in the face of local competition with a 20 years headway

• Venture abroad to Western markets where, at best, the country was barely known or, at worst, the country had a negative reputation.
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Advisory to a Hedge Fund

Fund XYZ is a Global Macro hedge fund whose return since inception in Oct. 2004 is + 111.70 %. During this period, the fund was positive in 2008 when most managers in the fund industry endured substantial losses. The offices of the Advisory Company are located in London, but the team also has people in Europe and in Turkey. Dergatcheff S.A. himself has been involved as external advisor for the past 7 years.

Fund XYZ has achieved this impressive and stable performance thanks to an extensive knowledge of the financial markets (all the fund's managers and advisors have more than 20 years market experience) including specialist expertise in emerging markets which have greatly contributed to the performance of the recent years. Read more

Our History

Building on 17 years of experience in finance and management, of which 9 years with Russia and other emerging CIS countries, Dergatcheff S.A. began his independent consulting work in Moscow in 2002 at a time when most foreigners had deserted Russia due to the 1998 crisis. He was among the first of a new generation of financial advisors to enter the Russian market and decided to bet on the signs of coming improvement in the Russian economic and regulatory conditions. He also understood the need to be close to his clients, the new serious Russian entrepreneurs.

Among his first assignments he advised Dmitry Pyatkhin, the CEO of Sovlink, an investment bank owned, at that time, by Viktor Vekselberk and Len Blavatnik, on the development of new financial services in Russia and new foreign partnerships.

Dergatcheff S.A. pursued his advisory work over a period of fast economic growth with owners of medium and large businesses located in Moscow, Russian regions as well as in other CIS countries.
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Our Network

As an independent and 100% family owned company, Dergatcheff S.A. has always been active in international networking and has developed an outstanding network of professionals in different fields and geographical areas. You will find bellow a more detailed bio of Dergatcheff S.A., chairman and chief executive, and the bios of 3 members of this network who have recently been particulary active with our clients. For each mission given by our client, we have the expertise to find the "perle rare" that will add even more value to our client. This network strategy is very deeply rooted, and probably also a family tradition, with Dergatcheff S.A.'s father a former diplomat with about 30 years experience with the United Nations. For example, it is thanks to our broad network, personal relationships and diplomatic skills, that we have also been active in the field of executive search, when a major player of the Russian metal industry ask us to find an independent member of the board when they decided to prepare an IPO.


The SDSC project was born when Dergatcheff S.A., a father of two sons and sailing passionate, realized how difficult it was to learn sailing in Geneva until he found a sailing club with a true drive to share this passion. He further organized a summer camp in Geneva for youth from emerging countries. Travel expenses and marine training are covered by Dergatcheff S.A. and over their Geneva stay the young trainees are not only immersed in a new sport but also intermingle with people of the same age but different culture. It is with genuine pleasure that Dergatcheff S.A. holds the commitment to pass along the values of sailing to the next generations. At Dergatcheff S.A we are convinced that calculating risks and courses, adapting to changing conditions, looking out towards new horizons, withstanding adverse natural elements, combining individual and team decision making are core sailing values that should be applied to business.

Dergatcheff S.A. is proud of upholding the values of sports in following the steps of his father, Nikita, who developed the UNESCO - FIDEPS (Fund for International Development of Physical Education and Sports, in 1978. Sports sponsoring is one more Dergatcheff family tradition and Dergatcheff S.A.'s father at that time was a pioneer when he initiated partnership between private companies like BMW and UNESCO, which was a real culture shock for the United Nations organization.

And to those who still doubt sailing on the Geneva Lake is serious business we remind that the 2007 America Cup, the world's most prestigious regatta, was won by a Swiss team, from a country that doesn't boast a single Km of seashore, a Swiss specificity we keep wondering about …


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